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Mergers & Acquisitions

We deliver a full range of services which apply to an M&A transaction, including financing, taxation, competition and regulatory, pensions and employment, intellectual property and information technology, and real estate. Many of our M&A deals involve cross-border element and we work with leading international legal counsel to provide the best expertise for each transaction. 

Our attorneys` recent experience includes advising:

Outbound M&A

  • Superior Aviation Beijing Co., Ltd. on its proposed US$1.79 billion acquisition of 100% equity interest of reorganized Hawker Beechcraft, Inc. and its subsidiaries;
  • 3SBio Inc. on its acquisition of EnzymeRx Company’s assets for a total consideration of USD6.25 million;
  • Beijing West Industries on its US$100 million acquisition of Delphi's global suspension and brakes business and assets; 
  • Capital Semiconductor Limited on its acquisition of Motorola, Inc.'s and Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.'s cellular communication technology;
  • Tongfang Guoxin Electronics Co. Ltd. on its acquisition of the OCXO Production Lines, Manufacturing Craft and Product Design Technologies in the Singapore Factory of CTS Corporation;
  • Tongfang Guoxin Electronics Co. Ltd on its investment in Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited as cornerstone investor;
  • China National Fisheries Co. on its acquisition of 100% equity interest in a fishery company of Mozambican;
  • a consortium of several Chinese companies on its proposed debt and equity acquisition finance facility US$1.0 billion for a Chinese company to fund its proposed acquisition of the Volvo Group;
  • a Hong Kong listed company on its proposed US$2.0 billion acquisition of Orient Overseas Developments Limited by way of a competitive auction process; 
  • an international company on its proposed US$400 million acquisition of a large economic chain hotel; 
  • a Chinese stated-owned company on its proposed US$60 million strategic investment in a US OLED printing technology company and its proposed joint venture with the US company in China.

Inbound M&A

  • Lafarge on its RMB305 million acquisition of 100% equity interest in Sichuan Shuangma Investment Group;
  • W&K Communications Group on its sale of 100% equity interest to Publicis Group;
  • Sino-Ocean Land on its sale of minority equity interest in one of its subsidiaries to Lehman Brothers;
  • COSCO on its sale of 20% equity interest in Sino-Ocean Land to COSCO International Holdings Limited;  
  • Beijing Puresino-Boda Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. and Taliworks Corporation Berhad as the consortium on their RMB810 million acquisition of Yinchuan Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. through bidding procedures;
  • Ever Fortune International Holding Limited on its HK$143 million acquisition of agricultural companies in Shandong, Hebei, Yunnan and Ningxia;
  • SW Kingsway Capital Holdings Limited on its RMB230 million acquisition of a new residential property in the Ocean Express complex;
  • a Hong Kong listed company on its proposed acquisition of a package of non-performing assets in Shandong;
  • two Chinese companies on its RMB170 million acquisition of 51% equity interest in a  foreign-invested renewable resources company;
  • an international private equity fund on its RMB50 million acquisition of majority equity interest in a domestic environmental company;
  • an international private equity fund on its loan of US$12 million to an international company for the acquisition of a domestic company.

Domestic M&A

  • Shanxi Securities Company Limited on its RMB1.137 billion acquisition of the entire equity interest in Green Futures Company Limited payable in cash and new issued shares as well as Green Futures Company Limited's merge by absorption of Dahua Futures Company Limited;
  • Mr. Zhang Dazhong on its sale of 100% equity interest in Dazhong Electronics to Zhan Sheng Investment Co.(Gome, China`s largest electronics retailer arranged a loan of RMB3.6 billion to Zhan Sheng to acquire Dazhong Electronics, with an option for Gome to purchase Dazhong Electronics);
  • New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. on its several real estate investments in China;
  • Sino-Ocean Land on its acquisition of dozens of real estate project companies located in Beijing, Tianjin, Changchun, Dalian, Qingdao, Zhenjiang, Chengdu, Haikou, Sanya, including (but not limited to) Mizhiyun (Beijing) Call Center Industrial Base Co., Ltd., Hainan and Zhejiang Coconut Village Construction and Development Co., Ltd., Sanya South Olympic Garden Co., Ltd, Changchun Gao-Li Co., Ltd, Dalian Qianhao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Pulida Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.;
  • Beijing New Building Materials Company Ltd. on its RMB100 million acquisition of 100% equity interest in Tai'an Donglian Investment and Trade Company Ltd.;
  • a real estate company on its RMB7 billion acquisition of a large villa real estate project company in Shanghai;  
  • a real estate company on its RMB1.49 billion acquisition of 100% equity interest in a large real estate project company in Hainan and  its RMB1.61 billion loan to this company;
  • a real estate company on its HK$1.0 billion acquisition of a large real estate project company in Hainan. 

Joint Venture

  • Chuanqi Tourism Investment Co.,Ltd. on the formation of the joint venture in Beijing with Beijing Badaling Tourism Corporation for the purpose of development of travel and leisure business mainly within the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area located at Yanqing County, Beijing;
  • 3SBio Inc. on the collaboration with DaVita Inc. on dialysis service in northeastern China;
  • Shanxi Securities Co., Ltd. on its investment bank joint venture with Deutsche Bank AG;
  • Groupama on the formation of Groupama-AVIC Property Insurance with Aviation Industry Corporation of China;
  • Sino-Ocean Land on its commercial real estate joint venture in Beijing with John Swire & Sons Group;
  • a real estate company on its proposed joint venture with two international private equity fund to develop a real estate project in Liaoning Province; 
  • a real estate company on its proposed real estate joint venture with an American REITS;
  • an international financial company on its proposed fund management joint venture with a domestic securities company.

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