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Real Estate

We maintained an experienced and well-established real estate practice. Services are both conventional and specialist, ranging from project development, land use rights assignment and transfer, sale and purchase of residential, commercial and industrial property, property lease to acquisition of equity interest in domestic real estate company by international investors, and IPO of domestic real estate company. We are also actively involved in the development of real estate investment trusts ("REITS") and formation of private equity real estate investment fund.  We are also actively involved in the formation of RMB private equity fund. 

Our attorneys` recent experience includes advising:

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. on its several real estate investments in China;
  • Sino-Ocean Land on its acquisition of dozens of real estate project companies located in Beijing, Tianjin, Changchun, Dalian, Qingdao, Zhenjiang, Chengdu, Haikou, Sanya, including (but not limited to) Mizhiyun (Beijing) Call Center Industrial Base Co., Ltd., Hainan and Zhejiang Coconut Village Construction and Development Co., Ltd., Sanya South Olympic Garden Co., Ltd, Changchun Gao-Li Co., Ltd, Dalian Qianhao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Pulida Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.;
  • Sino-Ocean Land on its sale of minority equity interest in one of its subsidiaries to Lehman Brothers;
  • COSCO on its sale of 20% equity interest in Sino-Ocean Land to COSCO International Holdings Limited;
  • SW Kingsway Capital Holdings Limited on its RMB230 million acquisition of a new residential property in the Ocean Express complex;
  • a Hong Kong listed company on its proposed US$2.0 billion acquisition of Orient Overseas Developments Limited by way of a competitive auction process;
  • a real estate company on its RMB7 billion acquisition of a large villa real estate project company in Shanghai;
  • a real estate company on its RMB1.49 billion acquisition of 100% equity interest in a large real estate project company in Hainan and  its RMB1.61 billion loan to this company;
  • a real estate company on its HK$1.0 billion acquisition of a large real estate project company in Hainan;
  • an international company on its proposed US$400 million acquisition of a large economic chain hotel.

Joint Venture

  • Sino-Ocean Land on its commercial real estate joint venture in Beijing with John Swire & Sons Group;
  • a real estate company on its proposed joint venture with two international private equity fund to develop a real estate project in Liaoning Province; 
  • a real estate company on its proposed real estate joint venture with an American REITS.

Private Financing and Investment / Fund Formation

  • Sino-Ocean Land on its US$200 million private equity financing (Investors include, among others, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered Bank, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse);
  • a Chengdu-based real estate company on its RMB300 million  private financing;
  • Sino Prosperity Real Estate Fund (established by Sino-Ocean Land and KKR as its sponsors) on its investment projects in PRC;
  • a domestic real estate investment fund on its proposed investment in a real estate project located in Xiqing District, Tianjin;
  • Sino-Ocean Land on its sponsorship in connection with the formation of RMB Real Estate Funds;
  • Sino-Ocean Land on the formation of Sino Prosperity Real Estate Fund with KKR (US$200 million);
  • the formation of a domestic real estate investment fund.

Securities Issuance & Capital Market

  • Sino-Ocean Land Holdings Limited on its US$1.7 billion IPO and Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and BOCI International are joint lead underwriters; 
  • Sino-ocean Land on the sale of 16.57% stake to China Life Insurance Company Limited for HKD5.8 billion in cash;
  • Sino-Ocean Land limited on the issuance of RMB2.6 billion corporate bonds.


  • Huarong International Trust on the establishments of several real estate collective fund trust plans;
  • a large-scale commercial real estate project on its trust financing (RMB4.5 billion).

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